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The Simple Things That Matter

Greetings, everyone! I hope everyone is having an excellent summer full of fashion. Even during the heat, there is never a wrong time to dress for the occasion! It’s always a good day to be fashionable. Without further ado, I’m excited to show this product. Today, I will be discussing about one of our most anticipated items that I will showcase: the official GSyndicates T-Shirt. This is one of my favorite shirts to wear and let me tell you why. The simple design of the logo blends in perfectly well with the black shirt. Not to mention that this could … Read more The Simple Things That Matter

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Summer Days

Greetings, everyone! As we reach towards the third quarter of 2021. Hopefully all of you have been staying cool and hydrated during this hot season. While it has been dry during the past month. Regardless, there is never a wrong time to dress for an occasion. When I think of…

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Editor’s Desk

GSyndicates Black: Honoring Black Fashion History (Part I)

Black by Popular Demand The National Association of Fashion And Accessory Designers (NAFAD) was founded in America in 1949, to promote equal opportunities for Black fashion designers. Today (as with ever before – just that it is now not so much silenced), with the rising tide of Black talent, the fashion industry is facing its deficits … Read more GSyndicates Black: Honoring Black Fashion History (Part I)

Introducing GS Moxie Brand – GSyndicates’ Private Label Women’s Clothing

mox·ie/ˈmäksē/ : 1. Force of character, determination, or nerve. “When you’ve got moxie, you need the clothes to match.” (Google Definition) Treat yourself to a little moxie! It’s finally here! Introducing GSyndicates’ private label (PL) women’s clothing brand, “Moxie”. Inspired by the original GSJEANS CO Moxie Jacket, the new line has everything a Midwest Diva … Read more Introducing GS Moxie Brand – GSyndicates’ Private Label Women’s Clothing

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GSyndicates™ Enterprises (GSyndicates LLC) is the parent company of our fashion conglomerate. It started with just four garments. Now, with over twenty departments and a dozen subsidiaries spanning the business, fashion, and non-profit sectors, we inspire new fashionistas every day! « read more

GSyndicates™ Media is a creative powerhouse. When you plug in, your vision gets brighter. Put our team to work for you and your business. « read more

Haute Midwest™ MODEL Talent Management (HM MTMGMT) is a full-service, online modeling agency offering professional talent representation, portfolio creation, and more! « read more

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