Within A Blink Of The Eye

Greetings everyone, I hope you all had an excellent and safe month. Time flies within a blink of the eye as we are approaching towards the fall season quite soon. I would like to take the time to talk about the four seasons and why it correlates to fashion. After all, there’s always an occasion to dress up. No matter if it is for a casual shopping spree or simply a gathering among friends.

The world is constantly changing around us, trends come and go, our motivations change over time. Change is inevitable and that isn’t a bad thing. It allows us to learn something today and grow into a better person tomorrow. Just to keep things simple, let us begin to talk about the four seasons and what does it have to do with fashion.

The world is always changing. At the time of the photograph was taken, the hot Summer season is starting to transition to the mild Autumn season.

Let us begin with Autumn, the reason where things start to get mild, the environment becomes a shade of warm orange and pumpkin spice lattes become available. With the temperature cooling down, it is only natural to start putting on layers. Putting on a jacket is pretty much on every agenda unless you happen to be a sweatshirt type of person. Perhaps you choose to be snazzy and add a scarf or a hat? There is never a wrong way to dress comfortably. When the north wind blows and brings some frost along the way and then suddenly the season is changing.

The temperature drops even further, nature has gone dormant for the season, the environment becomes frosty and you begin to shiver. Now you know that we are in the winter season. Are you the type of person who enjoys going out in the snow, or do you enjoy staying indoors wearing a sweater while drinking some hot cocoa. That is the season where coats are popular, along with gloves and hats. Of course, you don’t need to bundle up with layers to be fashionable. Turtleneck sweaters is one thing that comes to mind. Some fashionable boots made for the season is another.

Things are warming a bit as the snow and ice starts to melt. Things become a little green again. The trees are awakening, the flowers are blooming. The much needed rain that makes our world green is helping with the transition. We are in spring season now. Around this mild season, the possibilities are nearly endless. However, there are quite a bit of special occasions that I can think of where one might want to dress for the occasion. Weddings are a popular event I often hear, or does the environment look pretty enough to have a photo shoot. A nice dress or formal wear is something you can consider. I hear graduations are very special occasions, so it would not be a bad idea to dress up. Things are now heating up because we are heading towards yet another season.

Summer is finally here, and there are plenty of things you can do with fashion. Who says you can’t look fashionable when going on vacation? Crop tops and shorts is what I think of when summer comes to mind. Obviously wearing less layers is crucial to having a good time during the heat. When the environment becomes hotter and the sun is nearly always shining, it is important you take steps in protecting yourself when you choose to dress during the summer. Otherwise, do go all out. It is time to be free and wander around the world when it is bright and colorful.

Let us wrap things up here for today. The seasons give us reasons to adapt and change when the time is right. It encourages us to strive for different things and come up with different ideas for when the time calls for it. In a way, the adapting when things change within a blink of the eye is key to success.

Yours in fashion,


Cherishing The Moments

Greetings, I hope everyone has been having a safe summer so far.

No matter what season it is, I still go by under the notion of “Always dress for the occasion” no matter if it is hot, cold or even damp. Spending time outdoors during a season where it is encouraged to be outdoors underneath a nice shade from a big tree is always good for the heart.

Today, I would like to show off another product of ours: The official HM Models T-Shirt!

The HM Model T-Shirt goes along nicely with nearly any outfit regardless of occasion or scenery.

A plain white T-shirt may seem like it is a basic article of clothing upon first glance. However, let me reference the last blog post where I discussed about “the simple things that matter”. This applies here as well and let me tell you why.

It isn’t about the T-shirt, it is about who wears it and what does it represent. Obviously, it represents the essence of HM Model. The best part being that they can be worn with most attires. It is the simple things we often ignore because of our desire to always want the big things. We must always start from somewhere and we must also cherish these moments, so we may look back and reflect on our progress.

As for the T-shirt itself, there isn’t much to say because you can make it work with any outfit. The simple comfortable feel and design can give you near endless amounts of possibilities. For instance, I wear my black blazer with it and I feel comfortable in it.

No matter what setting I find myself in, if I happen to be shopping at a department store or simply taking a stroll at a garden surrounded with thick trees that provide shade. This shirt is the perfect definition of adaptable, along with the official GSyndicates T-shirt.

Everyone has their roots no matter where they come from. In moments like these, I will definitely reflect on moments like these in a few years. It is sign of progress and that leads to greater things.

Yours in fashion,


The Simple Things That Matter

Greetings, everyone!

I hope everyone is having an excellent summer full of fashion. Even during the heat, there is never a wrong time to dress for the occasion! It’s always a good day to be fashionable. Without further ado, I’m excited to show this product.

Today, I will be discussing about one of our most anticipated items that I will showcase: the official GSyndicates T-Shirt.

This is one of my favorite shirts to wear and let me tell you why. The simple design of the logo blends in perfectly well with the black shirt. Not to mention that this could be worn by itself, or perhaps you wish to customize your look by throwing in a jacket. It does not matter whenever you choose to fully customize or not. That’s the fun thing about T-Shirts, you can choose to go with a simple look or a sophisticated one.

What makes this shirt unique is its soft material, I never feel any physical discomfort even under extreme weather conditions. I can easily walk out with just the shirt and slacks however, I choose to customize how I see fit. With the blazer and T-Shirt being the right combination for me, I can truly say it is a perfect occasion for just a normal day.

Another detail I like is the color of the shirt. Because of this, I feel jackets are the perfect companions for this shirt. The most common variety of jackets I see on a daily basis are: black blazer jackets and denim jackets of any shade. Because of the color, it will along nicely with other blazers or denim jackets. With the latter being fitting as most people wear jeans during their casual days. The black color blends in nicely with those materials.

I truly believe even in the smallest things, they can truly be unique. It is important to embrace the smaller things in order to reach for bigger and better things. This T-Shirt being one example of being something that seems small, but it is actually something unique. The work behind it will lead to bigger and better things.

There is never a wrong time to dress for the occasion, even for casual settings.

Yours In Fashion,


Summer Days

Greetings, everyone!

As we reach towards the third quarter of 2021. Hopefully all of you have been staying cool and hydrated during this hot season. While it has been dry during the past month. Regardless, there is never a wrong time to dress for an occasion.

When I think of summer, I think of a time to let loose and go with the flow. For fashion, there’s always a style for every season out there. It isn’t restricted to just formal wear. You can put on a bathing suit and still look fashionable. It’s just all comes down to how you want to express yourself out there. I always go by my catchphrase: “Always dress for any occasion.”and it applies to here too.

An excellent companion to take with you during your time off.

Firstly, I will show off a product I’ve received recently. It is a set of GSyndicates brand flip flops sandals and I feel it is the perfect time to wear them often around this time of year. I personally wear them around the house, usually after a long day of running errands or exercising. Not only that, but the colors match perfectly with my selections from my wardrobe.

During the summer season it is only natural for you to find ways to cool yourself off. For instance, if you plan to go to a beach or take a dip at a water park. The sandals make a perfect set of companions to bring along as they are easy to put on and take off.

Not only they’re good for vacation trips, you could simply wear them casually if you plan to take a short stroll at the park. You can casually wear them with a summer themed outfit. Even for something as causal as a pair of sandals, you could make a look that not only suits you, but feels just right too.

Summer is usually a busy time for people because it is a time where people want to get out and have fun. Whenever it may be vacationing, attending to a local summer event or even just relaxing. Trying to look fashionable is never a bad idea even during such a humid time.

Yours in fashion,


Greetings From Our New GSyndicates™ Magazine Contributor, Edgar!

After a much awaited join, we are excited to welcome Edgar as a new Contributor to GSyndicates Magazine! He comes to us from HM MODELS and will be a blogger and social media influencer.

An Introduction

Greetings, Everyone!

My name is Edgar Carreno. I am happy and honored to have joined GSyndicates.

Let us begin with some details about myself. I was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a student at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC). I am going for an associates in Liberal Arts.

I chose the fashion path because I’ve always been fascinated with how I dress. I always make an effort to look presentable, regardless of any circumstances. Whenever the topic of fashion is brought up, I like to say, “Always dress for any occasion.”

Initially, I did not vocalize my fashion interests. Pursuing fashion professionally is something I never thought I would do. Long story short, I recently became an HM MODEL and now work with GSyndicates. It is an excellent opportunity to finally make my fashion thoughts a reality. I am really glad I can finally fulfill this desire.

Some other reasons I would like to share for joining GSyndicates are that: I enjoy helping out others in need; I want to explore the world beyond Iowa in the future; and I would like to get to broaden my horizons by learning more about different people and the world. Fashion is a great arena in which to accomplish these goals.

I truly want to make an impact in the world. It is one of the biggest goals I want to accomplish in my life. With that being said, I look forward to supporting GSyndicates and will give it my all to accomplish my life’s goals.

Yours in Fashion,


Editor’s Note

Shenica R. Graham, Founder / CEO, GSyndicates™

“If you are truly a fashionista, fashion finds you. That’s the serendipity of fashion… Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

I discovered Edgar while he was shopping at a local retail establishment. I had seen him there a few times before. What I could not help but notice is that no matter the day, he always wore slacks and a blazer. He always seemed confident. This is something that never goes out of style. I want that confidence leading my brand.

One day I complemented Edgar on his style. I told him that I was launching a fashion business and wondered if he would be interested in being a model. Well, you can see how that turned out – we are super excited to welcome Edgar as the newest HM MODEL and GSyndicates™ Magazine Contributor!